Swans on Navigation


Traditional Vessels of the
driffield navigation


On this page we have examples of restored vessels of the types once used on the Navigation, as well as old paintings and photos of working scenes.



The two main types of vessel traditionally used on the Driffield Navigation were the Keel and the Sloop. We are indebted to the Humber Keel and Sloop Preservation Society for permission to use their excellent pictures of these types. They remain copyright © of the Society. Below are pictures of the beautifully restored Humber keel "Comrade" and the Humber sloop "Amy Howson".

The Comrade

The Amy Howson


The Brigham Scow

The Brigham Scow is an unusual type of traditional dinghy still found on the Navigation. Note the unusual design of the bow. These type of dinghies are owned and operated by members of Brigham Sailing Club. The sailing club can be contacted via the administrator of this website.


The Driffield and Wolds Weekly newspaper has kindly sent us a wonderful old painting of a barge at Riverhead, Driffield. 


The following old photos have been kindly contributed by Mr Roger Gooch.


1. A crane in use at Riverhead, Driffield


2. A water sports gala, Riverhead, Driffield


3. A group photograph of keel captains


4. A keel & sloop at Brigham