Swans on Navigation


Code of Practice for users of the
driffield navigation


The Driffield Navigation Trust asks all users of the Navigation to behave in a sensible and responsible manner with regard to their own safety; that of passengers and towards other users of the Navigation and the environment including wildlife.

It is asked that owners/users adhere to the following code.

1. All craft display an identification name or number

2. Except where commonsense dictates otherwise, craft should travel on the starboard (right-hand)side and pass port-side (left-hand side) to port-side.

3. All motorised craft should respect a maximum speed limit of 4 mph (the equivalent of a brisk walking pace) to avoid damage to the banks being caused by wash.

4. Motorised craft should give way to sail and other non-motorised craft.

5. Motorised craft should proceed slowly and carefully past moored boats and anglers.

6. The Navigation should not be used during unsociable hours.

7. Please avoid the use of any engine that would cause polluting oil to enter the water.

8. All sea toilets to be sealed to prevent discharge.

9. No rubbish to be dumped into the Navigation.

10. Do not leave fishing tackle in the water or on the banks unattended.

11. Do not discard fishing gear, ropes or anything else that could foul propellers.

12. Show consideration for wildlife in and adjacent to the Navigation.

13. The branch of the waterway known as West Beck is a dead end (Corp Landing), which involves for anything other than a small craft, a tricky turn or backing out. It is adjacent to a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). For these reasons it is suggested that boating on this stretch of water be avoided.

14. Children and pets should be kept under control.

15. Take out insurance for your craft (especially third party cover).

N.B. Compliance with the above code will be much appreciated.
Further advice about correct conduct on inland waterways is available on the website of the The Inland Waterways Association. (Please see our Links Page.)